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Bun Meat and Cheese The Best Burger in Bangkok

21 Jul , 2019  

Fin ally i have eat the Best burger in bangkok you may have seen the most talk about Burger shop in Youtube last year that This owner are cook burger to perfection here now they have open a pop-up restaurant until 15 September 2019

it is located at 72 Courtyard Thonglor where you can find the Bun Meat and Cheese by Homeburg located on second floor (just use the stair to go up)

i order their Signature burger and the special thing about this burger is the BUN is super soft and crunchy with their layer of ingredient start from spicy mayo and also some mix of black pepper in the beef paddy and with chopped Jalapeno chilli of course they have remove the seed so it just have some kick and not to spice with all those sauce and top the beef with pickle and crispy beacon then cheese is steam to perfection melting it is a dream burger that i can think of now with the total price of 380 THB per burger if you love burger you must try THIS!!.


ใครชอบ burger แนะนำต้องมาร้านนี้จริงๆ นะ เปิดอยู่ตรงนี้ถึงแค่ 15 September 2019 นี้แล้วเค้าตะมีร้านจริงจังแหละ ไม่รู้ ร้านไหนนะ รอดูกันต่อเค้าบอกว่าแถวๆ นี้แหละ

view their IG here

now they only do serving for 100 burger per day the shop open at 17.00 and the burger will sold out around 21.00-22.00

see below for google map to follow me there.

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